HUNAN SUNNY&SANDY TOYS MANUFACTURER CO.,LTD is a craft foreign trade enterprise with strong comprehensive strength specializing in design, production and sales of various plastic toys.


The company was founded in 2002 and headquartered in Hong Kong. The mainland factory, named Gesin Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan. In 2015 the headquarters moved to Xiangtan-- the great man Mao Tse-tung's hometown, which is an important city in South-Central China's economic development and one of the largest urban agglomeration the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan City in China.


The factory is located in the Comprehensive Free Trade zone. It’s a special open area where has the highest level, most preferential policies, the most complete, and most simplified procedure. The company purchases raw materials from abroad, processes in the bonded warehouse and transport abroad. Due to the impact of geographic advantage and talent strategy, the company’s design, manufacturing process and management level are in the world first class.


With the total number of employees and management up to 1000, the company establishes engineering department, mold department, injection department, painting department, Pad printing department, assembly department, packing department, quality department and other functional departments.


The engineering department is the foundation and guarantee for all work content of the company. More than 50 staff at present is the talents with the average industry experience of 5 years. With the combination of company’s sound system and orderly workflow, the engineering department provides guarantee for the security in the production process.


The mold department is equipped with a complete set of mold processing machines, including 3 CNC, 1 grinder, 2 spark machines, 1 welding unit and 2 sets of molds.

As the product forming department, the injection department is equipped with a complete set of advanced injection molding equipment, including 25 pcs 4A-20A injection molding machines, 3 crushers and 3 blender mixers. 10 pcs multicolor injection molding machines, multi-material products molding, and product shrinking significantly reduced, greatly improving the quality of appearance, and enhance the added value of products.


 The one-time shaping production eliminates assembling or insert molding process, which shorten the production cycle and improve the efficiency of production. Injection molding process uses fully automated robot-arms for production, compared with traditional artificial injection, which saving labor and raw materials, enhancing cycle stability, safety, efficiency, improving product quality, and preventing mold damage.


The Painting department is mainly responsible for product coloring, including mask painting, hand painting and gun painting. At present, there are more than 400 stations. The water treatment system delivers all production wasted water to the roof and purify by Water company, which shows the superiority of high efficiency, high environmental protection and pollution-free.


The pad printing department is equipped with advanced pad printing equipment, including more than 100 two-color machines and four-color machines and 6 six-color machines, providing convenience for the operation personnel and reducing the undesirable problems in production.


The assembly department, responsible for product assembly process, is provided with 40 ultrasonic machines, 2 plastic vacuum forming machines and 1 set of washing – cleaning – oven baking – drying equipment. Currently, this department has more than 400 production personnel.


As the final procedure of production, the packing department is provided with the food-class dust-free plant, including 3 assembly lines and more than 400 stations and also provided with four candy wrapping machines specially packaging the food products. To ensure product cleanliness, the company has designed a sound management system: 1. All packing supplies must be clean with special logos without foreign matters before entering the workplace; 2. All personnel shall be neatly dressed, such as work hats, work clothes, masks, goggles and gloves before entering the workplace and the hands shall be washed with disinfectant fluid; 3. The gloves and goggles shall not be removed during operation to prevent any foreign matters from being mixed in the finished products; 4. The personnel is not allowed to bring anything to the workplace and shall be specially inspected before entering the workplace to ensure product quality.


HUNAN SUNNY&SANDY TOYS MANUFACTURER CO.,LTD has signed long-term cooperation contracts with a number of Fortune Global 500 enterprises, such as DANONE Group, Disney, NBCUniversal, Nestle, Chupa Chups and Paul Frank. The Company provides food certification GMP, ISO9001-2008 and Sedex , has been committed to the production of environmentally friendly and healthy quality plastic toys and can provide EN71 Part 1 2 3 9 and American ASTM standard. Till end of 2015, our company has audits of NBCUniversal, DANNOE GMP, DISNEY, HACCP, HASBRO, ICTI, ISO9001-2015, ISO-14001, ISO22000, and SA8000.


HUNAN SUNNY&SANDY TOYS MANUFACTURER CO.,LTD, based on the national industrial base, relying on the corporate management culture of “people-centered to maximize personal value” and adhering to the job objective of “customer is God”, has been widely recognized and trusted by the company’s employees and all customers. In the future, HUNAN SUNNY&SANDY TOYS MANUFACTURER CO.,LTD will be based on the country and stride forward towards the world-class craft foreign trade!